Antique Collectables

Antique Collectables at Yarnton Antiques

Yarnton Antiques is an Oxford Antiques Centre located within Yarnton Nurseries. We have large number of dealers all with a passion for antique collectables.

We stock a variety of antique collectables all with varying age, beauty, rarity and condition. Collectables range from advertising collectables such as signage, film posters and packaging to art, books, magazines and comics, clothing, coins, jewellery and more.

Yarnton Antiques attracts a large number of visitors from all over the county. It’s a frequent stop for antique dealers, collectors and people with a general interest in antiquing.

The collectables on show at the center change daily and dealers are regularly introducing new arrivals. If you would like to see just some of the new arrivals you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where images of new stock are posted daily.